Greek Islands


The beauty of the Greek islands, with the gorgeous beaches, the sun and the crystal-clear waters, is accessible to anyone who chooses Greece as a vacation spot. This is due to the strong network of coastal transport and communications, serviced by modern vessels of all categories, and going to all destinations.

Vessels of every type, passenger ships, ferries, hydrofoils and catamaran craft cross the sea highways, in all the seas of the country, able to carry 100,000 passengers and 20,000 private vehicles every day. These vessels are distributed in such a manner that they connect the Central harbours of Attica, Piraeus and Rafina with the islands, and every island to the other. In addition, other harbours of Attica and continental Greece are connected by ship with the islands.

We can make bookings to all Greek Islands. Tickets can only be sent to your mail address via register mail (postage charges €10), or left (when is possible) in the embarkation office of each shipping company, for your name.

Also domestic schedules are only uploaded to the online reservations system approx. 1-2 months in advance. Pls check your routes from our on-line system and contact us for your reservation.

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